• Sound design
  • Foley
  • Broadcast mix

Savvy consumers expect their brands to show environmental responsibility. To highlight the landmark achievement of producing 100% of Budweiser in the United States with renewable energy, Freak were invited with our regular partners TCO to collaborate on a short documentary and 30 second cut-down TV commercial.


Thomas Grayson became a real life bladerunner by leaping from the tip of a wind turbine 80 metres high.

Shot at the Budweiser Brewery in Fairfield, San-Francisco Bay, California the Budweiser BASE jump featured a custom parachute branding the message “100% Renewable Energy” that was revealed as Thomas fell.

In the Freak sound studio we created an audio design that opens with suspense before a dramatic pause for breath as Thomas falls to earth, ending with the climactic sounds of achievement as the parachute opens for a safe landing. Freak also provided a bespoke commercial mix for Budweiser’s US television advertisement, seen by millions.

We Are Freak want to advise everyone to always drink responsibly.

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