Climate Coalition

  • Sound design
  • Mix

As lovers of the wild and Scotland especially, we were very pleased to work with director Richard Paris Wilson on this ad for the Climate Coalition.

The film was created to serve as a reminder of mankind’s connection with nature and offer food for thought about the fragility of our planet.

This was used by the Climate Coalition, to promote their ‘Go for Zero’ campaign, after the IPCC’s devastating report about the impact of Climate Change.


This brief was all about adding emotional weight and tying together the beautifully shot landscapes and the more abstract images to create a powerful amalgamation of sound and image.

We began by using our extensive sound library to evoke the landscapes and bring the natural world to life, adding original sound creations from analogue hardware for elements such as atmospheres and drones to instill a sense of urgency, finally designing sound effects to give impact and movement to the more abstract images.

When approaching the dialogue, we wanted a sense of intimacy to give the impression that the narrator is speaking to you, up close, directly into your ear.

The music is a powerful part of this film so we made sure that the sound design was embedded into this and didn’t just sit on top. The finished soundtrack is a hyperreal sound journey where at times it’s difficult to discern where the music stops and the sound design begins.

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