Feel Unique

  • Motion design
  • Audio production
  • Interactive coding
  • Digital campaign

Our friends at Feelunique asked us to provide a full suite of multi-channel content to promote the centerpiece of their Winter Campaign and key gift of the holidays РThe Little Beauty Parcel. This stunning December calendar contains 24 special gift boxes to open during December with each one containing a different beauty product. The campaign was a sold out success and for those lucky enough to receive a Little Beauty Parcel a special occasion.

Thanks for all your amazing work on our animation!
Feel Unique

Bringing to Life

The talented writers and artists at Feelunique had created a beautiful papercraft story for their Winter Campaign. The Freak Creative team turned these starting points of script and character into a layered snowy world using a combination of 2D and 3D techniques all inspired by models made of paper with angular lines and clean subtle colours.

The main part of the collection was a 60 second papercraft animation that told the story of a little parcel reaching it’s owner. Realised in a combination of 2D and 3D and accompanied by a playful, adventurous original score, and a voice over featuring a BAFTA nominated British actress.

Game Play

Playing with things is fun and at Freak we are always looking for ways to make experiennces playful, rather than passive. As an add-on to the main visual campaign, the creative team at Feelunique were looking for a way to bring our winter wonderland to life in an interactive way. We created this little web app for them that provides a fun little challenge, giving the audience a way of delving deeper into the world of the Little Beauty Parcel.


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