Matalan – Souluxe

  • Location recording
  • Sound design
  • Broadcast mix

Matalan Souluxe was was a series of films about why it’s good to move. The series featured some star sporting names – from paralympians to world heavyweight boxers – with the films highlighting their belief that exercise has a huge, positive impact on people’s lives.

The four films were shot over two days in London, and getting to work with the great and legendary Frank Bruno was definitely a highlight. It was part of Matalan’s UK campaign to promote the Souluxe 2018 range of activewear.


Freak developed all aspects of the audio production for this project. We began recording on location in a large studio in central London. The interviews were conducted in large cavernous spaces making close-miking the interviewees essential to minimise reverb reflections on the dialogue recordings. This presents its own problems as the mic’s have to be hidden in the clothing and assessing the best way to achieve this without getting clothes rustle on the dialogue track is different every time.

The music and edit of the Frank Bruno film allowed us to take a creative, hyper-real approach to the sound design. All spot effects such as breathing, rope flexing, impacts and punches were designed in post-production. Long reverb trails and delays to melded the sound design into the music, providing an intensity beyond what could be achieved under the limitations of live recording.




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