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Stephen and Juliette Wall started travelled to Vietnam and fell in love with the amazing local streetfood – Pho. They made the decision to start a restaurant serving phở while sat on high stools, slurping pho bo, in Ho Chi Minh City and opened their first restaurant in London 2005. Fast-forward to today and Pho is still a family-run business serving great value, healthy Vietnamese street food that is cooked fresh every day for thousands of happy customers.

When Freak were asked to contribute to Pho’s award winning video campaigns, the creative team were inspired by the story behind the creation of the brand to create the ‘Who Do You Work Pho?’ campaign films, as well as the ‘Tis the Hangover Season’ film which works with Pho’s playful and laid back brand.

Recruitment Campaign

Pho didn’t want a traditional recruitment film that told the history of Pho, wanting to capture the energy and freshness of their food, restaurants and people. Freak were asked to create a film that captured this ethos alongside the laid back attitude that makes their restaurants so popular.

Shot live at Pho locations across London, Freak created two punchy short films with a handheld camera and slick editing to achieve the non-traditional style they were looking for.

A Successful Heist

Part of Ignite PR’s award winning winter campaign, The Freak team produced and directed a Pho heist out of everyday setting of a corporate office to create a fun winter promotional video. Using humour and fun overlays throughout to bring out the festive winter season and company values.

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