Sidi Ali – Dancing Robot

  • Sound Design
  • Foley
  • Mix for Broadcast TV

We had lots of fun creating the sound on this ad for Partizan and director Michael Gracey, which was for the mineral water company Sidi Ali.


The brief was “Imagine if Apple made a robot 20 years from now. What would it sound like?” With this in mind we steered clear of the usual mechanical robot sounds. Where time and budget allows, we always prefer to start from scratch and record our own sounds instead of going straight to our sound library, so we set to work recording a bespoke library of air based sounds. One of the most prominent objects we recorded for this was a bicycle pump. Holding a finger over the end of the valve while pressing the handle down gave us the basis of the bouncy robot footsteps. Then for the upper body movements, we layered up multiple recordings of the pole sliding in and out of the pump and manipulated them. After completing the robot sound design it was on to the foley for the footsteps and cloth track for the dancing boy.

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