• Location Recording
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Mix

We worked with director Michael Tamman on this series of films to showcase the Turner Prize Nominees for 2016. Showing them in their working environments. The series explores art and artists, supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies. 

The Turner Prize is one of the most prestigious international visual arts awards and has both reflected and contributed to a growing public awareness and interest in contemporary art.


From recording on location to the important and often overlooked cleaning up of the location audio, sound design and music composition. We worked on all aspects of the audio for these films.

There were four films in total. One for each Turner Prize Nominee. The two you can see here had very different processes. For the Helen Marten film we recorded the interview at her studio in East London, then created a musical underscore consisting of synthesised drones and a music composition inspired by a Terry Riley piece.

The Michael Dean film was more of a straight up documentary style. The main focus here was cleaning up the dialogue, adding foley, as the location audio was recorded by the DOP via a lavalier microphone only, with no boom, and once all this was in the mix it was a matter of using the supplied music tracks to tie it all together, which we enhanced through using additional fx processing to give it a more of a washy surreal feel.

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