Troy Mythos: A Total War Saga

  • Character Animation
  • Video Production
  • Motion Design

Freak were asked to create three teasers and a main trailer for Segas game franchise Total war, in it’s latest expansion Total War Saga – Mythos.

We worked in collaboration with the agency Maverick Media to develop the excitement the teasers could bring as well as the epic impact the main trailer will have. This included managing the narrative and development of each creature specific teaser. We also used bespoke illustrations to create 2.5d parallax scenes as well as animating intricate soldiers, Hydras, Cerberus’s and Griffins in war scenes.

We used SFX to support each scene to boost the narrative and the mythological creatures presence on screen.

The result was an epic bespoke teasers and announce trailer for the Mythos expansion.

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