The A­-Z of YouTube

  • Sound design
  • Mix

We worked with directors Adam Bolt and Hoku Uchiyama at Partizan on this celebration of YouTube’s 10th Year Anniversary.

It was a huge project featuring 74 references to some of YouTube’s best known video clips, and employing over 15 different animation techniques involving amazing artists from around the world.


We began by going through and working out what audio was usable from the YouTube clips, as a lot of these were recorded on phones or other devices with no proper microphones. Therefore we had to do some audio restoration to clean up the recordings and make them sound as good as possible. After this we dropped in the amazing Blackalicious track Alphabet Aerobics and set to work designing the background ambiences, sound effects and transition sounds needed to tie the image, music, and sync sound together, and to bring the video to life. WIth so many elements needing bespoke sounds created by us, we ended up with over 300 audio tracks all stacked with effects being used for this 2:45 video.

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