• Location recording
  • Sound design
  • mix

Freak collaborated with TCO London and Huck Magazine on a series of award-winning films for Nike. These were created to showcase London teens’ commitment, talent and dedication to dance and sport.

The Nothing Beats a Londoner campaign was hailed by one tabloid as one of the best ads ever made. Shot through with feelings of optimism and delight it received plaudits from all parts of the city, from kids on the street to the Mayor of London.

Nike normally uses high profile athletes such as Michael Jordan and The England Women’s Football team but for this campaign Nike chose a different direction, focusing on the city of London and its swathes of determined and passionate young athletes.

By turning the tables and focusing on the reality of sport in London, also using humour and colloquial language, Nike ensures that the ad resonates with its target audience of young, city-dwelling consumers.

We Are London

Avoiding expected cliches the studio design featured recorded interviews and location sound to genuinely capture authentic young Londoners around the streets of Peckham, Stratford and Canning Town.

Post production foley was used during the mix to enhance the visuals and the overall effect instils a sense of real pride in Londoners like ourselves. London is often the subject of criticism around crime, poverty, and homelessness and these inspiring stories shines a light on the positive aspects of the city and its determined and proud young athletes.

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